About Me


Wounds and Words

One of the most amazing abilities that human beings have is resilience. In one lifetime, one can expect to encounter every emotion available. Throughout my life, I have relied on some very dark coping skills and of course, the exact opposite. Wounded and weary, I chose to weather on. Why? Why did I not take my life? There is a very clear answer for that. Why am I not another drug overdose statistic? This one may be harder for me to answer, if at all. What I do know is that my wounds have always healed faster through words.

My Story

Resurrected Light

In grave darkness, I shed my light. I crawled in, unable to test my fate.

I knew wrong and asked the light, but she was too weak to win, to fight.

I lost my way, that lightless day. Maternal light that chose decay.

I wandered off into drab days. I found relief in highs and daze.

My fate remained a darkened day, pieces of me routinely ripped away.

Smiles surfaced on eclipsed days, but true dark traded and stayed and stayed . . .

I happened to HAPS one day – it took years, but I stumbled on a way.

I woke to light three years away; I was clean, I was sober, a lighted way.

It wasn’t easy, flashbacks fell, they brought the dark, they brought hell.

I met light in a dark hallway, God spoke – this is the man you will marry.

Muted lights, flickering on their way. It was light, it was dark, until enlightened ways.

The light of love was born one day, yet I sunk deepest, my darkest days.

Darkness – drip, drip, drip . . . Where is the light? God, are you here?

I took the pill, testing fate, fade to light, fade away . . .

A tiny light shone bright on its birthday; the deepest dark pushed away.

A family formed, lighted days. I finally wake in a Sandwich Generation haze.

Around the bend, I settled in. I brought the light, but it grew dim.

Find humor in darkness, conform, stay. I stayed too long, it summoned decay.

God intervened, he knew I could no longer stay.

Moments move on, I test my smile, more and more each day.

Through it all; I fought, fell, bled, broke, and scarred.

Still I remain – I am Resurrected Light.