One Day: The Human Pause

The Human Pause

One day, The Human Pause will be over and we will resume our regular lives.

Unless, WE CHANGE NOW, for the better. While we are sitting in our quiet places, where we can commune with our souls, it is question, inventory, and take action time.

We are layered, but before we get to our external, it is imperative that we evaluate our core. For thirty years, I have been reclaiming my core. What triggered this? At times, change demands a monumental event in one’s life: for me, it was dire that I seek sobriety and cleaner living. It wasn’t easy and I lived through various stages as a dry drunk, but while I failed consistently, I remained clean and sober. These two words propelled me forward, as I reconnected with my core. The result: I changed, dramatically.

Monumental events such as COVID-19 have the power to change us, if we use The Human Pause to reflect, revisit, and revise. Everything seeps back to our core, so you see how vital it is to tend to its layers.

As humans, we can start by asking ourselves one simple question: What are we at our core? For me, my core is my soul, my spirit, my essence, my life force.

Continuing the exercise, what does my life force need? It needs to feel safe, healthy, and at peace. How do I achieve this? By tending to my next layer, my body. While we have genetic issues that affect us, we have a lot of control over our bodies, just by how we dwell, consume, and exhaust. If we have a condition, there are many ways in which we can better-control our disease(s). For example, mental illness can cause great distress, which makes it impossible for our spirit to dwell in its body. If I am suffering from anxiety or depression, it is going to rattle my life force. What can I do? As a result of getting clean and sober, I have done a lot of work on myself, so I have learned to recognize the signs that tell me I need to heed. When the signs appear (eye twitching, heart racing, sweats, insomnia, dark and obsessive thoughts, excessive hand washing), I immediately access my surroundings and determine if I am doing too much or too little.

The next layer is our environment. Some of us have far more controlled environments than others (I get it, this is not a perfect exercise), but if we can, there are a lot of things that we can do to improve our environments that will positively affect our bodies and ultimately, our life forces. There is a trickling effect at work, so if we trash our environment, we trash our bodies, and we trash our souls.

Planet Earth has been in peril for quite some time, but maybe, a virus can teach us to reset its clock. While the cost is unfathomable, In a short time, The Human Pause has had a positive effect on our air, our animals, and our environment. Planet Earth is our dwelling and it is time for every human being to reflect, revisit, and revise our destructive behaviors.

We can learn some very interesting things from our behaviors during this time. Taking inventory and determining what we are doing to add to the problem is easy to do if we are truthful. Yet, we are shocked that folks go out and purchase all the supplies (toilet paper, antibacterial products, cleansers, etc), but humans are just continuing with their ridiculous behaviors that they have used to distract their life forces all along. How many toys do your children need? Should our closets be bursting with endless shades of pants, shirts, jackets, and purses that we don’t need? CONSUMPTION, CONSUMPTION, CONSUMPTION, is a sickness that we must heal, collectively. Drawing on external factors, rather than tending to our core is what we are doing by hoarding. Now is the time to revisit the products that we truly need. To live as if we need very little and slow the industrial machine that has churned indefinitely.

Your turn . . .


  1. What is your core?
  2. What can you do to improve your environment, your body, your core?
  3. How can you minimize your external footprint?

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