Writing a New Role

Sincerely, Planet Earth Paralegal

I have been billing time as a Planet Earth Paralegal since 1990. I know, I know, there are far worse careers to be had, but I long to be a paid writer. What qualifies me to be a writer? I have a Master’s in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing. What hasn’t worked as much? Having an extensive work history as a paralegal. How can one transition from being a paralegal to a writer, or any other title for that matter? The first thing potential employers want to see is experience, but I can’t secure experience without the prerequisite – experience.

One great thing about writing is that regardless of my role, I must write. As a paralegal, I have written and/or revised content for attorneys, executives and companies. In my book (ha, ha), this translates into versatile writing skills. Yes, I can write creatively, but I am a business writer as well. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather write a short story; but as a paralegal, I routinely polish my writing skills. I have summarized depositions, handled extensive communications, promoted patent programs via internal platforms, created and presented marketing materials; assisted with branding needs for various products; created trademark guidelines for corporate communications; and designed copy for various departments. I could go on, but why? Isn’t that enough? What is another talent writers should rock? Research. As a paralegal, I spend a lot of time researching various topics, a skill that served me well during graduate school.

What else is a writer in paralegal clothing to do? Well, for starters, I have hired myself to write right now! This blog site? I created it. All content? Future product line, Push Positive Products? Mine, mine, mine . . .

Now watch me write myself into a new role!


Planet Earth Paralegal